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Drogheda Ireland 4 April 05 A mother shows her young daughter the colourful message of " peace" left at the papal monument site at Killaneer where Pop John Paul II  visited 26 years previous,in Drogheda, Ireland, a steady flow of people from North and South of the Irish boarder laid flowers and lit candles as people cam to terms with the death of the 84-year-old head of the Roman Catholic Church Pope John Paul II in Rome..Photo AFP/NEWSFILE/FRAN CAFFREY..(Photo credit should read AFP Photo FRAN CAFFREY/NEWSFILE)...This Picture has been sent you under the condtions enclosed by:.Newsfile Ltd..the Studio,.Millmount Abbey,.Drogheda,.Co Meath..Ireland..Tel: +353(0)41-9871240.Fax: +353(0)41-9871260.GSM: +353(0) picture is from Fran