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headline: VIP Packages at Slane..Picture Fran Caffrey/ Newsfile..Pictured at the launch of VIP packages at this year's concert at Slane on August 24th is Natasha Byram,This is the first year that corporate hospitality available and can be booked by emailing ringing 1890200768..For Further Information Please Contact.Corporate Solutions @ Slane Castle 041 9884400...I will touch base with you later but i hope my requirements are clear!..joanne.Joanne Byrne.O'Leary PR & Marketing.James House.50 James Place.Dublin 2..T: 01 6789888.F: 01 6765570.M: 087 2494668.E: Fran Caffrey Newsfile...This Picture is sent to you by:..Newsfile Ltd.The View, Millmount Abbey, Drogheda, Co Louth, Ireland..Tel: +353419871240.Fax: +353419871260.GSM: +353862500958.ISDN: