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The scene of carnage at the crash demonstration by members of the emergency services at St. Oliver's Community College this morning. Photo: Andy Spearman were scenes of carnage at St. Oliver's Community College this morning.  Several transition year students were cut from crashed cars and carried to waiting ambulances leaving others lying in body bags in the school yard...Thankfully this scene was not for real but a very graphic demonstration of the aftermath of a road traffic accident and the importance of driving with care given by the Garda Siochana, The Fire service, the Ambulance Service and a medical team from the Lourdes Hospital Drogheda...The Gardai and the Ambulance services demonstrated the importance of driving with care, obeying the speed limits, not drinking or taking drugs and driving...The students were shown images of the consequences when road safety is not taken into account and were also made aware of what can occur if they get into a car with someone who is not going to obey the rules of the road and the effect this can have on the families involved...The various services then simulated a road crash scene in the school yard which was extremely well presented and the students where able to see the catastrophic effects of a crash on victims, the man power and services needed to deal with an accident, how the services interact with each other at the scene, the equipment needed and the amount of time it takes to deal with a crash...The students benefited greatly from the awareness day and spoke highly of the expertise displayed. Not only did it raise awareness of Road Safety but the students gained an insight into the background knowledge of the professions involved and whether they might be interested in any of these as a future career.  .Picture: Andy Spearman/